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Parallel Lines


An original new play by
Jared J. Johnson


Sept 8-10, Sept 15-17, Sept 22-23

Friday & Saturday @8pm
Sunday Matinee @2pm

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Never say sorry.

Never say thank you.

Never say hello.

Never say goodbye.

Never show him interest.


"Men are trash."

"But you? You're different from other men."


​"Come closer, and—"

Meet 35-year-old Goneril, who was diagnosed with a rare form of malignant narcissist disorder as an adolescent. Through her excessive self-centeredness and grandiosity, she assigned herself an mammoth IQ of 190.

Abandoned by her father as a child and rejected by boys her age, Goneril seeks out much older men to seduce, manipulate, and lure to her lion's den to satisfy her maniacal and sinister desire for retribution.


THE DISTURBED is a dark psychological thriller that is best observed from the distance of an audience member. This thriller speaks to unresolved childhood trauma culminating into rapidly progressing psychosis, substance abuse, colossal gaslighting, and ultimately calculated revenge. 


**NOT suitable for children.



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